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i just think they’re joking

Or I think they’re just trying to be nice.

No not really I just take it as sarcasm

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the neighbors are outside singing and having a camp fire

im going to play creepy shit like children giggling and freak them out

cause im just that much of a dick.

one by one they all said they wanted to sleep inside and left 

my job is done.

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what’s it called when you have friends but you’re still lonely

Your 20’s

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Jewelry for fidgeters. Love it.


This is necessary for someone like me, who silently destroys napkins and beer bottle labels with my nervous hands during the most casual of friendly conversations. 

cavs should get this




what even IS american culture

it’s just a big ball of different cultures with no set value 

i don’t get it


this might just be the most accurate discription of america ever

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some of the most sensitive areas of the female body

kiss me in all the places 😩

Im tryna kiss the inside of ya elbows bitch

well im tryna fuck ya eyebrows off


it always really bothered me when wait staff ignored me + my friends just because we were young bc we are all really respectful people but the assumption was that we wouldn’t tip

anyway so fast fowards to when i became a waitress and one day this group of scrubbyass kids came in and i had 8 other tables with other people to look to but i overheard that one kid wanted a milkshake but he couldn’t afford it and the other kids offered to pay but he was like “nonono it’s fine” and i looked over and he just looked real run down and sad and stuff —- later it just so happened that our kitchen had a mixup so we had an extra shake and since it would just be dumped otherwise, i snuck it out to their table and gave it to him for free

and his friends were so fucking impressed by this they pooled every fucking cent they had i got a $50 tip and later his friend’s mom came in and said “i heard what you did for that boy” and gave me another 20 and offered me a better job working with her

and meanwhile at my other table a rich white guy i was serving complained bc he didn’t want to pay the 15% tip on a $8.90 bill and when his wife said “she’s been a good waitress, though,” he said, “but just plain good isn’t worth 15%”

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